FlipSide's Mission

FlipSide Enterprises was created with two missions.  Our first is to allow EVERYONE to be self-expressed. I am inspired by pure self-expression and the freedom that comes with it.  The ability to always be yourself is something that is uncommon in today’s society. I created FlipSide's clothing emulate who I am as a person, and to allow others to express themselves with it as well. 

FlipSide’s second mission is to create communities.  I grew up doing a sport called "Tricking" and have struggled to find people with my interests to train with locally.  Training alone for me was one of the most uninspiring things I've lived with, and I will always remember the feeling of connection when I meet another tricker.  

My solution to this problem is to post a thank you video of me doing a flip and with him/her doing whatever he/she is passionate about to our Instagram.  I will tag them and people similar to them can connect with them.  

Videos will be posted to @FlipSide.Official and @Flip.Shares totaling to 19k followers.

The larger our page grows, the more opportunity there is for self-expression and community.  It would mean the world if you could join us in our mission and follow @FlipSide.official and @Flip.Shares on Instagram.