Bringing Underground Trickers Into The Light







I created FlipSide with two missions.  To support self expression, and to build communities...Starting with underground trickers.  Everyone watches the large trickers on Instagram, and you can tell why! By the time I finish this article, Shosei is going to have landed some sort of quad variation no one has ever seen.  However, there are many other trickers who put in hours and hours of work every week who get very little recognition for their efforts.  FlipSide is creating recognizing trickers on Instagram, and has recently partnered with Flip.Shares to gain trickers more exposure.  When FlipSide recognizes a tricker, a video is created where I, or another tricker says "*INSERT YOUR NAME* This one is for you." then we do a combo or trick, and follow it up with your Instagram, and a video of you sending your best trick!  This video is then posted to both Flip.Shares and FlipSide.Official.  Normally this is only available to people who buy from but we for this week only you can win both a recognition video and $25.                                                                                        To enter the contest all you need to do is

  • Follow @FlipSide.Official
  • Click the link in FlipSide.Officials bio and enter your email, name, and the account you followed FlipSide with

So here are the prizes...

  • 1 random participant will be given $25
  • For every 100 people who enter the contest, a recognition video will be made for 25
  • Videos will be posted to FlipSide.Official

Click here to enter the contest!